Your Strategic Link to the World

Internationalization is the key to your company's further growth and success in this global market of the 21st Century. To help our clients to achieve their objectives and to meet the challenges of this increasingly competitive global market, Synphonics Pte Ltd offers a wide range of internationalization and localization services to help companies to grow and internationalize successfully.

Regardless of the challenges that are faced by your company, we are passionate about helping you realize your global vision.

About Us

We are a Localisation Service Provider

Synphonics Pte Ltd, incorporated in year 2000, is a well established Singapore based localization company. We are a Localisation Service Provider with extensive experience in providing and integrating translation, multilingual desktop publishing, web localization and print solution for our clients around the world.

We help our clients to communicate effectively in this global market: on paper, in person and in cyberspace.

Our Mission

The globalization of markets and technological advances had brought forth changes and reform in the traditional business arena. Clients, business partners and the governments of market areas do not always speak the same language and the technology is not always the same. Our mission is to enable our clients to increase market share, revenue and user satisfaction by offering them the most comprehensive range of quality localization services.

Our Philosophy

We believe in providing the best to our customers.

Our Team

In order to serve our clients effectively and to ensure accurate localization for target market, we have maintained a strong network with our strategic partners in Asia, Europe and Middle East to form a global link. These professional translators who are native speakers, and whom we have selected through a stringent recruitment process, work closely with us to ensure that the assignment is technically correct, linguistically accurate, culturally appropriate and of high standard.

Our project management team has a wealth of experience in handling localization projects. They are actively involved in all crucial phases of your projects, from glossary development and review to the final Quality Assurance of the desktop published printout.

Our Services


Copy-writing / Copy-editing

Video / Audio Transcription

Multilingual Typesetting

Multilingual Desktop Publishing


Multilingual Website Localization

Translation & Copywriting

Our Translators have a wealth of experience in Translation, Copy-writing & Copy-editing